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Here is a brief overview of who we are and what we do. We are a Europe based company, offering business consultancy services to numerous clients across the globe like auditing, accounting, investment counsels and particularly offshore incorporation services. You can read more about us below:

With an increase in our customers from different parts of the globe, the expansion of the company has made it essential in recent times to employ part-time representatives (reps) in different geographic locations where we render service. The current expansion is what has created job opportunities like this for people like you.

We currently have 12 agents i.e. certified accountants in the United States working for the company. These agents periodically require materials like envelopes, files and stamps to carry out their daily job.

They shall email you whenever they need these materials and also state precisely which type of materials and the quantity they shall need.An agent can only order for materials once a week.

It has become quite untidy having 12 different agents, contacting different suppliers at different times for materials. It has not brought about accurate accountability for ( Mobility European }. We are employing you so all agents place their order with one person- You, and the supplier gets the orders placed, from that same person- You. .

Having an employee like this in place would bring about precise accountability for the company, as we get to know what is been ordered and what is been supplied, and plus it saves us time. You shall be keeping a record of what an agent orders, and also a record of what you ask the supplier to provide. (Of course the logs have to match, as you are expected to ask from the supplier only what the agents’ demand).

Please note that all costs of supplies, shall be handled by the company, and at no time whatsoever shall you be asked by ( MobilityEuropean(ME ) to pay any charges or hidden fees- NO!.

Weekly Pay: $480 (then $960 weekly after 2 weeks of satisfaction on job. Just like we said, it is a flexible online/ ’work from home’ job compatible even with undergraduates as it does not require having a college degree, so long as you are computer literate, you have an email and you can keep records. execution and dedication)

Agents will only contact you for materials during the weekdays.We will always email you guidelines and instructions to follow in getting your job done perfectly when you start working. If you still care to proceed with the job, get back to us with your


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